Your Online Presense

Website, Video, Facebook, Twitter – The Multi-Pronged Approach

Long gone are the days where you can slap up a simple static website and expect customers to come flooding in. That was a bit like setting up a shop in a back alley in the city without signs and very few passers-by and then hoping the customers will come flooding in. And of course now there are billions of shop owners just like you online, all trying to get feet through their doors (or in this case, eyes on their websites).

To be noticed nowadays, you have to have a multi-pronged approach…

  • A visually attractive website that will look good on everything from a 50 inch internet TV, through to desktop screens, laptops, iPads and smart phones.
  • You have to have a strong video presence on Youtube (now the worlds second largest Search Engine after Google)
  • You must have video embedded on your website
  • You have to have a Facebook page
  • Twitter is becoming ever more important
  • LinkedIn adds to your online credibility

Now that’s not to say you have to have all the above all at once. But it’s now a known fact that Google and the other search engines are constantly fine-tuning their search algorythms to weed out the junk sites and give their customers valuable results when they search. So in order to be found, you need to have a whole arsenal of “weapons” focused on your business.

Most important of all is that Google now checks to see if you have a presense on a whole range of social media platforms and decides whether you are an expert in your field. Based on that as well as a number of other factors such as the quality of your content, how often it is updated, how relevant it is to the search term, your site is displayed in the Google results. If Google thinks you are an authority on a particular subject, your site will appear high up on page 1.

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