Getting Started

Website Design – Getting Started

If you are designing a website and trying to get it ranked on Google, please don’t panic or give up before you begin. And you don’t have to do everything at once. In fact Google even acknowledges slow but steady progress. That’s what they expect. If a fully matured website were to appear online in one day, it can be penalized. It’s better to roll it out gently over a period of several weeks or even months.

In any case, we do all the hard work for you!

  • Just like any good web design company, we will spend a lot of time with you getting to know your business and your business needs. The bottom line in most businesses is of course to make a profit, right? And the way to make more money is to get more customers to your website, and to your products or services. So before we design the site, we will need to know what you sell or what services you offer.
  • Then we need to know who your potential customers are – are they male or female, young or old, what their income group is – and decide how we can solve their problems for them. What sort of design would be appealing to them?
  • Next we figure out what potential customers in your field are looking for, how they search, why they are looking online, what keywords they are using.
  • From this, by using a few highly accurate online tools, we can estimate how many new customers we can bring to your website if we follow our recommended integrated approach.
  • Then we’ll meet with you to plan a strategy that will bring you more customers and which suits your budget.
  • Only then does the website design and development begin.

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