Types of Websites

Choosing The Right Website Design

There are many different website types to choose from and it’s important that we choose exactly the right type of website for your particular business. Click on a heading to read more…

  • Responsive Websites

    These are websites that adapt dynamically to the device they are being viewed on including  Internet TV’s, desktop computers, laptops, Smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android as well as all tablets including iPad, Samsung Galaxy and others. There are now over a billion smartphone users worldwide, and more than 30% use their phones as their main online search device. And estimates are that by 2015 over eighty percent of internet users will be searching the internet using mobile devices. So it is now critical that your website looks good on any of these devices.

  • Static Brochure Website

    The static brochure website can’t be edited by the business owner. Once the website has been designed and the images and text have been uploaded, the only way to change the content of the website is by emailing in your changes to us. Each of our static websites comes with a support package, when you need to change information you can email your account manager with the appropriate text, images or new page and then your website will be updated by a member of the Internet team. By having a static website, we are able to offer you peace of mind, knowing that your website is constantly kept up to date; you can continue making your business a success.

  • Content Managed Brochure Website

    Content Managed Brochures are websites that can be edited and updated by the business owner.  The user can upload images, create new pages, add links to pages, download documents and a lot more. Training on the Content Management System can be provided and is included in some packages.

  • Content Managed Catalogue Website

    The Content Managed Catalogue can be edited and updated by the business owner and would suit businesses with a medium to large (and increasing) range of products, but which are not for sale online. This may typically be a physical goods shop such as a sporting goods, shoes, hardware etc, where the aim is to get the customer to visit the physical store to make a purchase. This type of site is ideal for retail chains with a number of stores in different areas, each carrying the same stock. Training on the Content Management System can be provided and is included in some packages.

  • Portfolio Website

    If you are an artist, photographer, interior designer, clothing designer, sculptor, architect or involved in any of the creative arts, a portfolio website is what you need. Our sites are designed to suit your particular style, they are quick loading, stylish and easy to navigate. And if you choose to do so, you can sell your work directly from your site.

  • Blogs

    If you like to communicate regularly with your customers, and get useful feedback from them, a blog is the most effective tool to increase customer confidence. You will be able to manage your blog yourself, adding your own posts, choosing which comments to allow, which to delete, and the comments can give you invaluable feedback on your products or services. We offer fully functional attractive blog design, dynamic back-end administration and social media integration.

  • E-commerce Website

    A fully-functional e-commerce shop from which you can sell your products to the world. The package includes complete back-end administration, full scalability, catalogue management, catalogue browsing, shopping basket, checkout, PayPal integration, product browsing, analytics & reporting, Search Engine Optimisation tools and email notification.

  • Feeder Website

    Feeder websites are usually small, quick one page sites optimised for specific keywords that are aimed at sending traffic to your main website. This is perhaps the most under-utilised option on the internet today. They are quick to setup, and high positions on Google search results are usually very quick and relatively easy to achieve. A great option for local businesses.

  • Listing Website

    A directory website listing suppliers or services – a niche specific “yellow pages”. Let’s say you are in the hospitality business and you want to list all restaurants, coffee shops, take-away food places etc in the Sandton area. This option is right for you. We can train you to manage it yourself or we can manage it for you.

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