Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Premium Website Design

Did you know that it is estimated that Google gets over 65% of all online search traffic (next closest is Chinese search engine Baidu with 8%) and that the first result on the page (excluding paid ads) gets 53% of the clicks, position 2 gets 15%, position 3 gets 6%. And it gets less the further down the pages you go.

So what would it be worth to you to see your website appear in one of the top three positions on Google? Let’s say there are 1000 searches a month for your product or service, and your site appeared in position 1. That means 530 people are likely to click on the link to your website. Let’s say again the only 10% converted into customers. That’s potentially 53 new customers every month! What would that be worth to you?

Can we guarantee that we will get your website ranked number 1 on Google. No we can’t – no website company in the world will guarantee you that. But we can assure you that if you go with what we recommend, your online presence will steadily increase and you will start to see new customers arriving on your website.

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